We take a look at what the Team Emageo Athletes have been up to on the social media front over the last week.

Let’s start with comeback superstar Casey Dellacqua.

First match in over four months….job done!






Fed Cup gives the players a unique chance to compete as a team.

So, how do they prepare?

Well first off they dance!

Work on their foot work

And their griping technique.

And of course have plenty of fun.


There might be a chance the flight to the Slovak Republic stopped in Bali… those braids.

Ready for day 2 🙌🇦🇺 #goaussies

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If you’re going to be the next Bruce, you have to look sharp but clearly TV networks aren’t a big fan of the braids.

The good news kept on coming for Case, with another career high ranking.



However we’re not sure what was harder… getting to the new high, helping the Aussies win, or having to leave Blake.



Flying back though, there’s nothing tough about that.


Want to know what Casey went through to get back?

Well, she put it all down on erm paper … we mean her Australian Olympic Team blog.

Sticking with tennis and our boy John Peers is showing great signs with his new doubles partner.




While  Matty Ebden has been gallivanting around across the Americas.



Enjoying the perks of being a pro athlete.



We’re not sure about his choice of beverage though.

We are going to go with coconut, pineapple and a hint of attitude.



To cricket and It’s been a tough week for Jason Behrendorff with news he will miss the next few months with his back flaring up.

Get well soon big fella.

While it may not be under the circumstances we'd want, here's to being able to spend more time with this guy ❤️

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We’re sure you got some quality tips from the greatest of all time.

If not bowling … speech writing perhaps.

What’s Dorff talking about?

Well, check out one of the all time great speeches.

In the mean time if you need your Behrendorff fix, check out this little pod.


Moving to off-field matters and what do our stars like to do in their down time?

John likes to stay close to the court.


Back in the commentary box tonight for the Men's Final @SENNews @AustralianOpen #AusOpen  Who's your pick?

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My office for the evening 🎬🎾 Commentating @SENNews w @BrettAPhillips on SEN1116. @AustralianOpen #AusOpen

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Behrendorff likes to take things pretty easy


What to do during a heat wave #perthheatwave #beachswim #40degrees #perthlife @perth_life

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While Olivia likes to work on her long game.

slicing it right #shitteckers

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And learn how to fly


so flyyyyy

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But sometimes downtime is still work




Just before we wrap things up, an unusual from “Where you’d rather be” this week.

John’s partner Danielle has been ripping up the fairways.

But this is a whole new level.

Good to see Peersy and family keeping a close eye on proceedings.

Finally all our team loves getting behind a good cause.

Great stuff Kev Moore. We know what you’ve been through and will support you all the way!

That’s it from us enjoy your weekend and we’ll catch you next time.